Towards Better Profitability

PlaNet Logistics

is an expert in production and logistics development.

In more than 300 projects we have developed concrete and innovative solutions by which significant cost savings have been achieved.

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Case: Musti Group

Musti Group is implementing Supply Chain Master Plan which ensures profitable growth and excellent service level. During the process Musti Group has taken into use new central warehouse. E-commerce and store logistics global supply chain network has been reorganised.

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We have finished strategy project for e-commerce supply chain. The optimized solution to be implemented takes into account automation level and variable assortment range in each portal of web sales supply chain. Omni-channel pipelines will secure cost efficient and fast route-to-market for consumer home deliveries and pick-ups in city, suburb and rural areas.


We have executed international SC network study for reusable logistical units. New sustainable Supply Chain solution will lead to significant cost savings.