Towards Better Profitability

Production Planning and Control

Challenge for production is to react fast and cost-efficiently to ever more unpredictable demand ... and to do it faster than competitors.

Benefits gained by developing production planning:

  • Maximizing production throughput and improving resource utilization
  • Reducing tied-up capital in intermediate and final goods inventories
  • Faster reaction to altering customer needs

Developing Production Planning

To define S&OP processes and rules which ensure service-level and cost-efficient production.

Workshops to define new model of operation and to commit personnel to change.

New developed process, responsibilities, contents of plans and tools.

Production Optimization

To define rules to minimize total costs of production and ensure  desired service-level.

To define rules using cost-based production planning  tool (Oracle PSP).

Definition of make-to stock and make-to-order products, batch sizes and production cycles, production sequence and
safety stock levels. Production cost calculation model.

Our references Read more about PSP optimization tool