Towards Better Profitability

Productivity of Capital and Work

”Greatest lesson from the project was that capacity of production can be significantly increased without investing in new equipment”

-Director, Operations

Benefits from developing productivity of capital and work:

  • Profitability of products will improve
  • Financial position and equity ratio of the company will improve
  • Capital will be released for investments
  • Quality of operations from customer’s point of view will improve
  • Motivation of personnel will improve

Content of a Project

To increase efficiency in use of work and capital

Efficient, sustainable practises are developed and deployed with customer by using LEAN-tools.


  • Distribution routes and work effieciency development
  • Increasing availability of production lines by minimizing disturbances
  • Improving change-overs
  • Process efficiency (order-to-delivery cycle, sourcing, IT) and control rules for improving material flow
  • Lay-out, workstations and technical solutions which support efficient operations
  • Elimination of complaints and waste
  • Development of job descriptions and line manning
  • Outsourcing operations and controlling service partner
Our references